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Modern Cloth Nappies

How many do you need for fulltime use?


You would need about 24 complete nappies to wash every second day. You will use between 7 – 12 nappies in a 24-hour period.


You get three sizes of cloth nappies:


1.)   NB (Newborn) these are petite little nappies from when baby is born until about 4/6 months. They are tiny and fit baby nicely. These are prefect for prem babies.

2.)   OSFM (One Size Fits Most) this is the most popular size. They fit from 4.5kgs (Birth) until Potty Trained. One size nappy is all you will need until baby is out of nappies. 


3.)   SUPER is or bigger babies and toddlers. They are a bigger cut and ensure that the nappy fits more comfortably on bigger toddlers.

Different Types of reusable nappies:

PUL Covers:

These are perfect for over hybrid nappies and flats.

Pocket Nappies:

These nappies are made up of a waterproof cover with a pocket lining sewn in with either one or two openings in the lining. Pocket nappies come with inserts that are stuffed into the pocket lining. Inserts absorb the urine. Inserts can be made of microfibre (MF), cotton fleece, bamboo or hemp.  


AIO (All-In-One) Nappies:

These nappies have a waterproof cover and either sewn in absorbent layers or snap out absorbent layers. These nappies are very similar to disposable nappies but do take a little longer to dry.


AI2 (All-In-Two) Nappies:

These nappies consist of a waterproof cover that has snap in inserts. These covers are 100% wipeable and can be used most of the day by just changing the inserts and wiping cover down when changing. Inserts that snap in are either microfibre (MF) or hemp


Hybrid Nappies:

These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies that are extremely absorbent and soft. They have a water-resistant layer (fleece) sewn in but will need a cover to be fully waterproof. They come with hemp or cotton fleece snap in inserts.


SIO (Snap-In-One) Nappies:

These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies that have a hidden layer of PUL (Waterproof) in. They are extremely absorbent and waterproof. They come with snap in hemp or cotton fleece inserts. Their inserts snap out for quick drying.

Windpro Covers:

These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies with a hidden layer of Windpro (extremely water-resistant fleece). They can be used over flats, fitteds or hybrid nappies. A great alternative to PUL Covers.

Fitted Nappies:

These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies perfect for heavy wetter’s and night use. These are available in terry towel, cotton fleece or hemp fleece. You would use a PUL cover, windpro cover or soaker over them. A fitted is a fully absorbent tailored fitted nappy. It comes with snaps, velcro or even snapless.



These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) flats that are used with a snappi (to secure) and a PUL Cover. The entire flat is absorbent. These are folded and put onto baby similar to the 'old' type of nappy. They are made from cotton knit, cotton fleece, hemp jersey or hemp fleece. Flats are available in 50x50 (Newborn), 60x60 and 70x70.



Prefolds are old style cloth, one step up from flats. Whilst like flats, you don’t have to fold prefolds. You normally use them with a PUL, Windpro or Fleece Cover. You can also use them to booster nappies.



Trainers are pull-up type cloth nappies used for potty training. It doesn't have the same absorbency capabilities as other types of cloth, so it works more effectively as a back-up option rather than as a full cloth nappy solution.


Boosters are an extra insert to boost absorbency of any nappy, usually smaller than a normal nappy insert.



Disposable (Bamboo) or reusable liners (Fleece) to catch toddler poop (very thin and goes on top of any nappy). A.K.A Poop-catchers.


Fleece soaker:

Soakers functions like PUL and Windpro covers but it's more breathable