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Modern Cloth Nappies

Welcome to Modern Cloth Nappies!!! If this is your first time having a look at this option 'CONGRATS'.

Modern cloth nappies arent as daunting as they once used to be. You know the toweling, soaking etc. These new options are super easy to use and look extremely cute with any outfit.

Modern cloth nappies are as easy as throwing a load of washing into your washing machine and washing. Hang them on your line to dry then use again and again.


See easy peasy!!

You must be thinking 'where is the catch?' or 'what happens with the poop?'. Well there isn't a catch it's just that easy. And the poop well thats what liners are for. Simply lift out of nappy and flush away!!

You get two sizes of cloth nappies:

NB (Newborn) these are petite little nappies from when baby is born until about 4/6 months. They are tiny and fit baby nicely. These are prefect for prem babies.

OSFM (One Size Fits Most) this is the most popular size. They fit from 4.5kgs (Birth) until Potty Trained. One size nappy is all you will need until baby is out of nappies. 

Modern cloth nappies are everything in one (waterproof and absorbant layers). No towels, no covers, no more safety pins!!

You get different types of nappies, here is a breakdown of the options:

PUL Covers: These are perfect for over hybrid nappies and flats.

Pocket Nappies: These are nappies with a waterproof cover and an aborbent insert. Inserts are normally                                        microfibre (MF), bamboo or hemp

AIO (All-In-One) Nappies: These nappies have a waterpoof cover and either sewn in aborbent layers or snap                                                   out absorbent layers

AI2 (All-In-Two) Nappies: These nappies consist of a waterproof cover that has snap in inserts. These covers                                                 are 100% wipeable and can be used most of the day by just changing the inserts and                                             wiping cover down when changing. Inserts that snap in are either microfibre (MF) or                                               hemp

Hybrid Nappies: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies that are extremely absorbent and soft. You                                  would use these this with a PUL Cover. They come with hemp snap in inserts

SIO (Snap-In-One) Nappies: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies that have a hidden layer of  PUL                                                   (Waterproof) in. They are extremely absorbent and waterproof. They come with                                                        snap in hemp inserts

Windpro Nappies: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies with a hidden layer of Windpro (extremely                                   water resistant fleece). They can be used without a PUL cover during the day but for longer                                   wear periods a PUL cover is needed. These come with snap in hemp inserts

Fitted Nappies: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) nappies perfect for heavy wetters and night use.                                      These are available in terry towel or hemp fleece. You would use a PUL cover over them.

Winged Prefolds: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) prefolds that are used with a snappi (to secure) and                                 a PUL Cover. The entire prefold is absorbent. Perfect for daytime or nighttime use. They are                                 made from either flannel or cotton knit

Flats: These are WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) flats that are used with a snappi (to secure) and a PUL Cover.                The entire flat is absorbent . These are folded and put onto baby similar to the 'old' type of nappy. They              are made from cotton knit, cotton fleece, hemp jersey or hemp fleece